ABA Therapy for Autism -Treatment in Dubai

Special Needs Center offering ABA-APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS for kids in Dubai and adjacent emirates

At ABA center for special needs, we aim to provide a happy, secure and highly professional care giving environment for individual with special needs in which they develop and learn. We focus to develop the children's capacity to work and thrive within a group as well as their ability to work on their own.We follows a full-fledged Applied Behavior Analysis curriculum mainly for children with autism. ABA center for special needs has a vision to support special needs children with :

  • Asperger's syndrome
  • Learning disability
  • PDD-Pervasive developmental disorder
  • Autism
  • ADD-attention deficit disorder
  • Learning disability
  • Developmental delays
  • Cerebral palsy
  • ADHD-Attention deficit hyperactive disorder
  • Down's syndrome
  • Speech and hearing problems

To provide empowering and caring environments which will productively change our students lives.Each child at the center works on an Applied Behavior Analysis/ABA therapeutic program designed around a broad and varied curriculum, but geared to meet their individual needs. It is this specific child centered education and structured support that will help to maximize the skills of the kids and help them achieve their full potential as adults.

Aims and Objective| ABA Center for special needs

  • To provide very early intensive intervention for children under 12 years
  • To offer an Applied Behavioural Analysis(ABA) based learning complemented by other proper techniques for communication which includes & Makaton
  • To help the children to integrate into main school and continuously support their ongoing needs
  • To provide a proper child centric curriculum which meets each child's individual requirements
We provides autism treatment services for children from RAK to Dubai.

ABA Curriculum

The ABA center for special needs will adopt Applied Behavior Analysis program and offers a proven teaching system which is designed to meet the individual's specific needs. We use ABA to deliver a broad curriculum in line with each child's Individual Education Plan (IEP). Training the staff is a very important part of this system. Staffs are well trained to deliver the ABA program by a Board certified Behavior Analyst.
Each kid's program involves breaking down tasks into learnable elements and teaching them until mastery is achieved. The child is constantly rewarded for desired behavior with systematic use of positive reinforcement and praise. Every single element of the teaching process is continuously tracked and assessed. This tracking process helps the staffs to identify the negative and positive of the child and help them to progress in the targeted direction.
The ABA center for special needs teaching staff receives intensive training, and their skills are assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure that standards are maintained. Staff training is an integral part of the ABA system, which believes that investing in the staff is investing in the child's future. Applied Behavioural Analysis research has shown a direct correlation between the ultimate outcome for children and the expertise of the instructional personnel.

Activities and Facilities of our special Needs Centre

This includes

  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • ABA and other Autism Treatment services

Outreach & Mainstream Support | Special Needs Center

The ABA center for special needs will continue to provide support for those children able to attend mainstream school according to the need of the individual by providing

  • Specially trained one to one supporters
  • Special classes and workshops devised for special needs children
  • A focus for their special needs
  • Ongoing support and assistance for parents, carers and siblings

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