Provides training in ABA Therapy for Therapist and Parents in Dubai

ABA Center provides ABA Therapy training services in Dubai,Sharjah and all other emirates in UAE including Abu Dhabi. We have exclusive ABA training package for ABA Therapist and seperate ABA parent training program. Ours services are extended to GCC countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. All our ABA Therapy training programs are provided by a BOARD CERTIFIED BEHAVIOR ANALYST (BCBA).We provides shadow teacher training also.

Our ABA training program

Our program is focusing on acquiring special skills which is require to handle children with autism and related disorders. These hands own training will help you to understand core ABA principles and work one-one with ASD children.
Aba Therapy training program is combination of training of ABA principles (theory), hands own role play activities and direct demonstrations by experienced therapist/Behavior Analyst.
Individuals who work in the field of special needs and other related areas can avail our ABA Therapist training service. Our parent training program is designed for all parents with children in the autism spectrum.We also provides job assistance for our students to works as Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist in all locations in UAE.

ABA Therapy Training for Therapist

  • ASD Introduction
  • Behavior principles (ABC?s) and Behavior functions
  • Developing desirable Behaviors/Skills
  • Discrete Trial Instruction
  • Reinforcement and Stimulus Preference
  • Introduction to VB/Verbal Behavior
  • Analyzing Techniques and Recording Behavior


Applied Behaviour Analysis Coaching for Therapist

This 12 hour program will enable parents to assist their children in their daily life by applying principles of ABA. Basic ABA principles and hand own training included. All researches show that children get more positive results when parents are actively involved in the child?s ABA therapy process. Every parent should know your child?s behavioral plan and therapeutic goals, so that you can also actively involved in the program (strictly under the guidance of a behavior analyst) which ultimately brings results much faster.

We would like to remind you the following important points:

  • Our ABA Therapy training program for parents doesn?t qualify the parent to design ABA program for their child. Our training program allows parents to apply ABA principles in supporting the child in their daily day to day training.
  • Our ABA therapist training program will enable therapist to deliver ABA therapy sessions under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior analyst/Consultant.Therapist program is available for all speech and language patholgist in Dubai and near by places.

How beneficial is the involvement of parent in child?s ABA training program

Since parents are spending the entire day with the child, Involvement of a trained parent will benefit the child in his learning development to a great extent.

  • An ABA trained parent can definitely help a lot in children?s desired skill development and ultimately speeds up the entire process.
  • Parents are with child when they are in home, school and during their free time etc. Involvement of parents can help to generalize their acquired skills in various settings.
  • Since the parent observes there child in various environments, they will be able to find out the child?s problem behaviors in various environments and discuss those issues with the ABA service providers.
  • A trained parent who is involved in their child?s ABA program under the supervision of a Behavior Analyst/Consultant will definitely help their child to come out of their issues much faster than child who doesn?t have proper support from an ABA trained parent.

Our ABA therapist training is not just limited to UAE parents from Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi etc. We have training services in neighboring GCC countries like Bahrain, Oman,Kuwait,Qatar and Saudi Arabia also.