What is OT /Occupational Therapy? Who gives best service Dubai?

Occupational therapy is a health profession that focusses on treatment which helps individuals to independently do their daily activities. Primary goal of an occupational therapist is to provide client specific skilled training to enhance their skills to do a specific occupation which suits their abilities.

Occupational therapist helps in following issues

OT is useful for treating following mental or physical illness which affects everyday activities of an individual.

  • Hand or Leg injury
  • Arthritis, acute pain
  • Parkinson�s
  • Paralysis and other injuries that affects free movement
  • Cognitive loss and Learning disabilities
  • Depression ,mental disorders
  • Autism, cerebral palsy and Down Syndrome

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OT career opportunities`

An OT Therapist can find job in following places:

  • Rehab Centers ,Clinics or hospitals
  • Nursing homes, health centers
  • Private home therapy services
  • Special education schools
  • Acute Care hospitals
  • Geriatric Care facilities
  • Pediatric clinics
  • Community centers
  • Jails
  • Charity organizations

What are the primary goals of OT

The primary goal of occupational therapy is the make the person independent by providing required therapy services. Therapy may involve the use of appropriate devices or techniques which helps to treat the physical and mental disabilities.

Planning to choose occupational therapy as a career

OT going to deal with individuals of all age groups, not just children. It�s an interesting and challenging job which aims to make meaning full changes in an individual�s life.Therapist should have good critical thinking, communication skills, personal skills and willingness to help others.

Occupational Therapy procedures

An initial assessment will be conducted to evaluate the mental and physical functions to assess the ability of the individual to meet his day to day needs. Following are the major areas of evaluation

  • Fine motor skills, Muscle tone
  • Motions
  • Areas like sitting balance , sensation, head control
  • Cognitive skills etc.

OT Process

  • Referral management- A proper systematic procedure will be in place to manage the referrals
  • Identification of occupational needs of the clients- Proper assessment techniques will be used to assess the needs of the users. Families or support care takers will be included in this process
  • Custom Design of Individual intervention plan-A client specific intervention plan will be developed after assessment of occupational needs of the user. Plans will be reviewed updated as per the progress.
  • Intervention as per the needs- Provides interventions which uses appropriate techniques or methods which meets the needs of the user. Appropriate equipment and technology may use to achieve the goals.
  • Evaluation of the response: Proper techniques will be used to monitor and track the progress and outcome of intervention, if needed plans will be modified accordingly.

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