Looking for ABA Therapist services in Dubai? What are the methodologies they use? .

An ABA Therapist provides treatment based on Applied Behavior Analysis . This is a teaching methodology which is primarily focused to improve human behavior. It is a well-structured therapeutic highly effective program which is tested and proven scientifically.
ABA mainly emphasis on intervention at very early stage itself, which helps to generate really great results in children with Autism and related disorders like asperger's,PDD,ADHD etc. Usually ,therapist gives direct one to one therapy for the child. ABA aims to achieve target behaviors by applying various behavioral principles in everyday situations. It is used to acquire wide variety of skills and it will control various behaviors also. Some of the are:

  • Communication skills
  • Language Skills
  • Play Skills
  • Hyperactivity
  • Aggression
  • Self-Injury etc

A behavior can be divided into following parts

  • Antecedent: It is an event such as a command/request or a verbal /physical stimulus) that usually occurs before the occurrence of a behavior.
  • Behavior-It?s a noticeable and measurable act such as yelling, breathing, screaming, crying, laughing, jumping etc. that organism does.
  • Consequence- It?s an outcome of a behavior.

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This therapy constitute of following elements:

Major elements of this program is a clean analysis of the child?s behavior by observing closely. For achieving a particular skill ,it will be divided into different steps and train and achieve each skills step by step using positive reinforcement as the child meets each targets. This program will record child?s performance over time to analyze the progress.

Basic Concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis

What is chaining in ABA?

Reinforcement of successive components of behavioral-chain (it?s a serious of behaviors which is usually continuation of other) is called chaining. For e.g.: Eating is a task where the child initially should learn to achieve following things 1) wash hands 2)take the plate and so on.
In chaining, skills which are to be learned will be divided to small tasks/divisions by the therapist according to the child?s skills.

Prompting in Applied Behavior Analysis

In prompting, ABA therapist wills basically helping the student to encourage a desired response. The ultimate goal of prompting is to gradually avoid prompts so that child can independently achieve the goals or desired behaviors.
Types of various prompts are:

  • Verbal/Vocal prompts-Using vocal instructions to encourage a desired response
  • Visual/Gestural prompts ? A visual indicator/ physical gesture(pointing ,nodding etc) to achieve a response
  • Physical prompts ?Manipulating Physically the child to initiate an action (Eg: Clapping hands)
  • Modeling ? In this therapist will model and show the proper behavior to child. Eg:If therapist ask to raise your hands, first therapist will do so.

What is fading technique?

Fading is the process of systematical gradual removal the usage of artificial prompts to make the child independent. This will help the child to come out of the usual dependence on prompts while learning a new skill. Once the targeted behavior/skill achieved, prompts will be gradually faded.

Why Generalization is important in Applied Behavior Analysis ?

Generalization is the process of training the child in a general environment once the child learned in a table top setup. Generalization should be done in different natural environments with different people. If generalization is not done child may not be able to perform across different environments, child will respond properly to his/her therapist only.

Shaping in behavior analysis

If the desired behavior is really really difficult achieve, therapist can modify the existing behavior train to achieve the required behavior. This process is called shaping. Child will be taught new behavior by reinforcing till the required or target behavior achieved.

Differential reinforcement

In differential reinforcement technique child will be reinforced strongly for a tuff task and reinforced comparatively less for a lighter task. This is a very good technique which can produce fast and significant changes in behavior.
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