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Our Behaviour Consultant - Ms.Asha Susan- BCaBA | Board Certified Behavior Consultant in UAE- Specialized in ABA

I began working in the field of autism in 2003 as a behavior therapist/interventionist in Dubai. I worked with various Board Certified Behavior Analysts(BCBA) and consultants to implement ABA(Applied Behavior Analysis) treatment/ABA Therapy programs for children with Autism spectrum Disorder(ASD). The children I worked with included boys and girls ages 2-12 with autism, Asperger's, Developmental Delays, Behavior issues, Speech Delays, Attention Deficit Hyper Active Disorders-ADHD etc. Normally, Behavior Therapy and aba treatment programs were implemented in client's home setup; however, I also worked with several students in the school classroom settings.

Responsibilities as a Behaviour Consultant and ABA Program Manager

From 2007, I am working in Ras Al Khaimah, ABA Center for special needs, as a program Manager. I designed and supervised ABA Therapy and Behaviour Therapy programs for young children with Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD). Treatment was delivered in a variety of settings, including in house and segregated and inclusive classrooms, based on the child's specific needs. I worked with many talented Behavior consultants and analyst with master's,BCBA's(Board certified behavior analyst )and doctoral level education who had several years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and ABA Therapy.

My major duties included program development (ABA), Behavioral assessments, training parents, ABA therapists,Behavior therapists, and school staff to implement the treatment and record the child's behavioral responses. I assessed challenging behaviors and guide teams to execute behaviour plans in a systematic manner. Additionally wrote individualized goals and education plans for each child and attended meetings with school staff to ensure program consistency across environments. I am currently working as a BACB Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) in Dubai,UAE. I provide ABA Parent Training, ABA Program Designing and Supervision for ABA Therapist and Behaviour therapists .Visit my site to know about our ABA Therapy services in Dubai and nearby emirates.

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