Autism Symptoms and signs.Aba Center for Special Needs, UAE

Autism Symptoms and Signs

Children within the autism spectrum show following symptoms/signs. They normally struggle in areas like:

  • Interactions with public- lack of eye contact, typical facial expressions, lack of understanding others feelings etc
  • Playing with peers- They find difficulty in mingling with the other children.
  • Communicating with others verbal &Non Verbal-Difficulty in Understanding, Repeating some words[echolalia],Delaying in talking Note: Echolalia is very common symptom in a child with Autism


Autistic kids may have following symptoms or Signs also:

  • A fixed daily routine(Eg: eating a specific food for breakfast etc, Doing a specific thing every day)
  • They will be having repeated body movement/body rocking etc
  • They will be extraordinarily fond of some objects

General Symptoms/Signs in a child with Autism

Communication in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder .Symptoms/ Signs are::

  • Cannot initiate or maintain a social conversation, delayed, Limited or absent speech
  • Communicates with signs and actions.
  • Develops language gradually or not at all
  • Does not adjust eye gaze to look at objects that other people are looking at
  • Does not refer to self properly
  • Does not point to direct other peoples' notice to things (Shows in the initial 1 years of life )
  • Stereotypic use of language (e.g. echolalia) .Some words will be repeated so many times
  • Gibberish rhyming
  • Absence of imitation or imaginative play

Signs/Symptoms to exhibits in their Social interaction::

  • Not making friends
  • Not interacting with others even while playing or not playing at all.
  • Lack of interest in being friendly and sharing his/her happiness with others.
  • No eye contact with other person.
  • Not mingling with others and always stays alone.
  • Shows a lack of compassion (Eg: No empathy)
  • Difficulty in understanding and distinguishing facial expressions, signals/motions

Response to sensory information in Autistic kids::

  • Sensory issues-Shows extreme reactions if someone touches or towards some smells, sights, pain etc.
  • Does not surprise/shock at loud sounds
  • Easily get irritated to usual noises and sometime cover ears when it happens.
  • May find normal noises painful and hold hands over ears
  • Rubs surfaces, mouths or licks objects
  • Always keep rubbing/licking objects or any surfaces


  • Shows no interest in playing with others.
  • No imaginative play and shows no interest to imitate others action's like normal children.

Some Behavioral symptoms and Signs in children with Autism::

  • Shows extreme tantrums
  • Can't pay attention for reasonable period of time and always over reactive or non-responding
  • Shows unusual attachment to some objects/interests
  • Aggressive towards others and hyperactive
  • Unusual habits like spinning, hand flapping and repeated movements

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