Causes of Autism- Autism Treatment UAE

Causes for autism spectrum Disorder(ASD)

Autism is a physical condition linked to abnormalities in the brain. No studies could find exact causes of autism still now. Autism is a neurobiological condition, as per researchers a group of different factors leads to autism (not just a single cause). Autism affects communication, Social Interaction skills and other areas like behavior, sensory etc.

What causes autism?

Following are the factors which are discussed as the causes of autism:
  • Genetically Inherited
  • Environmental Factors such as pollution or toxins in the environment can be a cause of autism.
  • Diet
  • Prenatal Factors such as consumption of antidepressant during pregnancy, Maternal Infections, Exposure to chemicals during pregnancy etc.
  • Mercury Poisoning
  • Vaccines such as MMR can be a cause.
  • Neurological Reasons- ASD can be developed as a reason of problems in brain development and issues related to nervous system.

Is MMR Vaccination causes autism?

Researchers and parents are doubtful about whether MMR vaccines cause autism because following reasons.1) Features of autism is showing at same time of the introduction of MMR vaccination. 2) Number of autism cases reported are high around the same time. Researchers say that this is most probably a coincidence because of the vaccination age.

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